Who runs the world?

Millennials, also known as Generation Y. Except our use and familiarity with technologies and social media, what other things we are good at and concern?

Before I further my comments of the stereotyped generation, Millennial, let me throw this disclaimer out: these are my observations based on my minimal experience as a Millennial and my experience of interacting with my peers. Millennial are those born between 1980 – 2000. When you type “Millennials are” on Google search, the search engine will show you the negative words, like lonely, poor, rude or spoiled. And the first thing to show up is “killing”, the most common word to follow is “industries”: “millennials are killing industries”. We are not “killing”, I believe we are “changing” the old beliefs, “changing” the game, “changing” our future.

It is hard not to notice, the megatrends are driving transformation at the global level. I believe it starts with us, the Millennials. A research published by UBS Group finds that the Millennials seem to be more concerned with transparency from business. In fact, 87% of Millennials believe corporate success is not only financial. The Millennials are likely to evaluate the sustainability criteria of the products they buy, which means, we are more concerned with environmental and social causes and more likely to demand ethical practices from business.

The fact is, we care about sustainability more than other because we cannot just ignore it anymore. There are two small words that represent something very big and scary for this generation: climate change. Climate change has become a huge topic of conversation in mass media in 21st century, many feel (including me…) a wave of guilt every time I used plastics straw, forgot my reusable grocery bags. We are honestly shuddering thinking about it.

Why do we scare of it, or why does climate change loom so heavy on millennials as a generation? Well, if we are being honest, it is because we are the ones who will actually be alive to deal with the consequences, aren’t we? Therefore, we all know we need to change the game, change our future.

Let’s start with what they are saying:

Similarly, a survey conducted by KPMG finds that nearly half of the Millennials, aged 18 – 34, say they are supportive of sustainable fashion.

The global brands or fast fashion was great in the 80s’ and 90s’, but the world has changed. We want real sustainable brands who share the same concerns: protecting the environment, creating a sustainable community, interdependency and improving society’s quality of life. This generation is known for placing a high emphasis on being unique, growing their identity through culturally rich experiences and exploration of the unknown – all of which eco-travel provides in full. Millennials will increasingly seek transformational trips, looking for transformational experience, sharing and building a sustainable community.

We understand a dream measures success or happiness by its internal value. This dream is fulfilment. This is what it is like to be a millennial. So, who runs the world?

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