When Global Villages Are No Longer Global

Will a broken supply chain be the missing link that restores community living? Here's how bread and milk deliveries are proving that direct-to-consumer is thriving.

Lately, the global supply chain has been woefully kneecapped. With manufacturing plants being shuttered and strict lockdowns in force, it’s now become popular to buy locally produced foods again.

Instead of buying pre-made bread that’s up to a year old and shipped in from another country (we kid you not!), people are flocking to local, independent food producers and shops for their bread and milk.

In Turkey, there’s even Quarantine Bread, a project that aims to “keep people at home and keep bakers in their jobs”. This social enterprise allows house-bound people to order hygienically packed freshly baked goods that are delivered to their homes.  

Meanwhile, door-to-door milk deliveries are now regaining popularity.

Who knows—if we go back to the local community model, we might get to know our neighbours again, such as this sourdough-swapping neighbourhood group!

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