What do buzzwords like “organic”, “natural” really mean?

Let’s talk about something different today😊

Clean beauty is on the rise. If you are thinking of switching to, or have switched to, more natural skin care products, it is a smart move.

Much better option not only for our skin but for our environment too 🌍

Organic products have become the preference of my family since I stepped my feet into the beauty and wellness industry. This preference is especially obvious when it comes to skincare products because those are the “things” we applied on our skin every single day.

I have sensitive skin and had tried countless skincare products in the past for my condition. Yet, very often, the effect and outcome were not what I expected; sometimes, the products made things even worse. I therefore decided to try going natural and organic, and among my choices are products from a Bulgarian organic skincare brand – Alteya Organics. Their floral moisturizing spray is simply my daily lifesaver, moisturizing and rejuvenating in a flash with totally no unknown skin-irritating chemicals in, which I don’t have to take any risk of having skin allergy related issues.

daily skin care

“Organic” is definitely not a new concept, but still many people think it is just a marketing gimmick. Yes, I admit there are many yet-to-be-proven claims about organic products and there are plenty of misleading labels around. Yet, the fact that more and more organic skincare products are popping up over the last decade also suggests the demand for organic product is increasing and more people are aware of this criterion and have been benefited from which. Or else… people are investing their money into a myth.

When it comes to skincare, less (ingredients) is more…

A quick research into the subject will give you a better understanding of what you as a consumer can get from an “organic” skincare product. First, organic products are made using natural rather than synthetic ingredients. Go check the ingredients’ label on one of the Alteya Organics products and compare them with the usual products found in the market.

You’ll see what I mean. Can you believe what you see? Only 1 single natural ingredient is listed on the label whereas there are dozens of unknown chemicals’ names and numbers listed on common skincare we purchase from those well-known beauty brands counters in department stores.

You may have heard a lot of negative comments regarding some common ingredients appeared in our daily products, such as “paraben” (may sound like something funny but believe me, it’s not!) and “sodium lauryl”. Given the many possible risks related to these sorts of chemicals, to be frank, I would rather stay far away from them.

I know there are still many who mistakenly believe being “organic” is simply a verbal claim; the truth is: when a product is certified “organic”, for instance, the Alteya Organics products I used are certified by USDA, it means that the production of which is subjected to strict standards and the ingredients used are tested by laboratories in terms of purity.

Alteya Organics ingredient

Let’s Weigh the Benefits against the Risks

Now, you should have a clearer picture of what “organic” means to you:

Organic products are more natural and are less likely to cause irritation, even after using them for a long period of time. In my case, my skin became red and itchy very easily in the past. I couldn’t help but associate some of the odd side effects I experienced with the chemicals in the products I used.

According to a research done by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-profit environment and health advocacy group, the skin of a woman could be in contact with as much as 200 chemicals in just one day and 60% of which are to be absorbed into the bloodstream. What if these chemicals are harmful? What if they accumulate in the body over time?

Last but not least, organic products are usually more… 👇


As for Alteya Organics, they prioritize sustainable practices by partnering with local farmers each year to let them take charge in the process of picking fresh flowers, distilling and steaming, which empowers them to earn incomes when other employment opportunities are few and far between.

Alteya Organics

Environmentally friendly:

The ingredients of the organic skincare products are produced by following all standards necessary. Users are concerned not only with the impact that the product will have on their bodies, but also with its effect on the environment – after it gets into the sewage. In many (but not all) cases, the packaging of some organic cosmetics degrades much faster than the packaging of their non-organic counterparts, leaving less pollution and being better for the environment in general.

Alteya Organics

We now know that any harmful chemicals used in products will end up in the environment somehow. So, either we or our children will suffer 😷

Organic skincare products come with many benefits 😎 Don’t you find them better options too?

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