What about having a special Christmas?

Christmas is around the corner and it is our favorite time of the year. It is an amazing season of magic and also the best time to give thoughtful gifts to loved ones.

Now, finding the right Christmas gifts for your friends and the loved ones can be a bit difficult because we need to carefully consider the preferences of the receivers. The big day is fast approaching, but if like us you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet and you need some inspirations, here are a few sustainable gift ideas we recommend.

The Magical Blue Tea

Let’s have something special this year!

The Butterfly Pea Tea is a kind of tea doesn’t have a strong scent or flavour. But knowing all the health benefits it offers, I am sure you will drink the whole pot without any delay! Recent studies and evidence show that Butterfly Pea Tea offers various health benefits, including immune boosting properties, improved cognitive ability and weight loss etc. It sends your loved ones your subtle care and blessing to their health.

Making our gift more meaningful

Speaking of tea, consuming Cambodia local herbal tea can be a way helping the underprivileged people there. Why? As we mentioned in previous articles, Demeter’s Butterfly Pea Tea leaves are planted at Cambodian local school ground. The founder, Michie, provides hands-on training in gathering and sun-drying herbs. Demeter purchases those dried herbs in a fair-trade price from the schools. All their income ultimately supports schools’ operating expenses.

Handmade product with a unique story

Let’s do something meaningful before heading to a new page!

Having a stylish bag probably is one of the best ways to start a new year!

Personally, I don’t shop for clothing or accessories often, but if I do, I try to find clothes or accessories that I can know where they are from. A bag designed by Japanese designer and made in Cambodia fascinates me – SALASUSU. And I can even DIY my product in a local community factory with local Cambodian women! Sending a bag composed of the community care, uniqueness and authenticity is denoting so much warmth and meaning that makes the bag a lot more than just a bag!

Have a beauty break

Let’s treat ourselves better!

Treat your friends and loved ones this Christmas with a range of organic skincare gift sets. I bet you wouldn’t want your loved ones to receive chemical laden products with nasties or potential harm to skin in them. So why not introduce them to safe and natural skincare this Christmas? In our previous article, we have mentioned that the organic skincare product – Alteya Organics, a skincare product that you can even drink!

Of course, there are many more Christmas gift ideas you can come up with. Sending a gift to your loved ones which at the same time helps the community in need and protects the environment may ultimately reach far beyond. Sending a gift could be one of the simplest yet meaningful ways to say thank you! Share your thoughts with us!!

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