The 1.5°C Marker Pathway

I love grocery shopping at supermarket. But, don’t you find it so cold when you go grabbing some milk or cheese by the fridges at supermarket?

I read a report the other day that UK supermarkets consume around 3% of all electricity generated. About 30-60% of that is used to power fridges. Many of those fridges and freezers are not covered by doors, which is also the situation in many of the EU countries. Supermarkets argued that customers (us) prefer no doors for their convenience. Instead of framing the answer as “customers don’t prefer”, I would understand it to be their concern on us to purchase less if we have to “trouble” ourselves stretching our arm a bit and opening a door to reach the goods.

We all have a fridge at home. That fridge has a door, which itself pretty much helps us nicely freeze our food and reduce our electricity bill every single day. I’ve just been in our local supermarket in Edinburgh, and the aisle aside the fridges was freezing. Imagine if we install doors on the fridges, and to pay the exploited staff/workers or even farmers more with the money we saved for what they actually deserve from manufacturing or producing the food, that little, from that evitable 30-60% of that 3%, could transform as a contribution to fair labour treatment. And of course, it also happily reduces the CO2 emission in the world by at least 1 or 2%.

My fellow world citizens, climate change is considerably threatening our planet, our home. Now people always say ‘sustainability’ for the help. What if we start from small actions instead of just shouting the slogan?

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