Sustainability + Feeding COVID-19 Frontline Heroes

Michelin-starred British chef in the UK 'upcycles' food ingredients into glorious meals for medical staff.

With so many restaurants and eateries closing down due to coronavirus, where is all the perfectly good food going to?

This week, we were thoroughly inspired by the story of a Welsh Michelin-starred chef who donated thousands of free meals for hospital workers in the UK.

After James Sommerin had to close down his restaurant due to the coronavirus outbreak, he had a choice: dump all the produce that had been ordered for the week, or turn it into an opportunity to do good for frontline workers who are working round the clock to save lives.

Instead of letting it all go to landfills, Sommerin ‘upcycled’ the ingredients into three-course comfort food meals for doctors and nurses at the nearby A&E (emergency room). Salute!

About the Artist: Nutroduction

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