Sustain Yourself Through Lockdown: Healthy Habits Challenge

Here's a #StayAtHome Challenge to keep your spirits up and immune system boosted. Day 8 can be a Sustainability Challenge Day. Let your creativity flow!

When working from home and sheltering-in-place gets a little tiring, treat yourself with a little break. Here’s a #StayAtHome Challenge to keep your spirits up and immune system boosted.

For an extra one-up, you can also make Day 8 into a Sustainability Challenge Day, such as using vinegar and baking soda for some eco-friendly home cleaning. Let your creativity flow! We include an easy-peasy recipe from Nutroduction to make your own potato chips, for two reasons: 1) Fresh-made food tastes better than processed snacks; 2) Making your own snacks reduces plastic packaging!


If using an oven: Preheat, then bake at 150 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes. Turn over the potato slices and bake for another 15 minutes. The slices will be soft at first but will harden as they cool down. Reminder: Whether you’re using an oven or microwave, you should turn the slices over and continue heating in order to get an even effect. Crispiness is based on preference, so you can adjust the cooking time as you like

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