Shark Week Holding Out For A Hero

Sharks are unable to speak for themselves, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind me speaking for them, just this once.

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Do you really trust your skincare products?

When you purchase your skincare products, you’d inevitably undergo the trust issue towards the product supply chain while the product would be directly applied on your skin.


A Plastic-Free Christmas

Do you know that the Christmas market is originated in Germany? Now it is being held in many other countries and visiting the Christmas market has become one of the items in the to-do list at Christmas.


What about having a special Christmas?

Christmas is around the corner and it is our favorite time of the year. It is an amazing season of magic and also the best time to give thoughtful gifts to loved ones.


Are you ready to be a leader?

I get to know about SALASUSU here, at this platform – EQUIPLY. I originally come from Cambodia and I always want to help our community as I love my country so much!


Lifelong Learning for Tourism

When you visit a foreign country, you can choose to experience a luxury travel, stay in a five-star hotel and visit the tourist attractions that recommended by some travel guides. Or, you can choose to feel like a local — to do as the locals do, eat and sleep like a local, which I believe is the best way to experience the authenticity of a foreign country.


Who runs the world?

Millennials, also known as Generation Y. Except our use and familiarity with technologies and social media, what other things we are good at and concern?