Co-founder Kenneth Hui has a rich background in entrepreneurial business and supply chain management. He entered the textile industry as a junior designer and rose through the ranks to become a merchandiser in Shanghai and oversaw textile production quality control in Cambodia.

In 2018, he branched out to develop the IT and supply chain business for the Key Links Data Technology Group. These days, Kenneth has put his energy to improving sustainability in consumer behaviors and supply chains. Kenneth can be found enjoying a good coffee or a scoop of nitrogen-made ice cream at the artsy Nuk Café in Phnom Penh, Cambodia—just one of the many social enterprise endeavours he is currently focused on.



Co-founder Wendy Lam is a young and enthusiastic person who passionate about sustainability, interested in solving sustainability problems across the whole supply chain. Wendy hails from a background in the garment industry, particularly woven and knitted garments. She’s deeply influenced by family members in the garment production business, which gave her the opportunity to be around factory environments from a young age. She knows the ins and outs of a producer’s role in the manufacturing stage of a supply chain, and has always been interested in showing the real story of textile production.
Having studied her degree in International Business in Edinburgh, Scotland, Wendy has also gained appreciation for the great outdoors and natural environments. She hopes to make impact by way of her own lifestyle and purchasing choices, and is dedicated to bringing a better change to the supply chain industry as a whole.



Angie Mak is a journalist and editor with over 10 years of experience in Hong Kong’s publishing, non-profit, finance and medical sectors. In recent years, she has been working in local Hong Kong and international NGOs. In addition to growing up in the US and UK, she has lived in Hong Kong for the past 23 years, and brings both a Hong Kong and international perspective to Equiply. As a former addict to fast fashion, Angie understands how compelling it is to tell the story of sustainability from the role of a consumer.