By actively sourcing and creating partnerships with manufacturers that are like-minded in industry ethics and goals, Equiply’s platform enables consumers to buy products from responsible, trustworthy manufacturers.

Our partnerships are formed with manufacturers who have been able to achieve fairness and transparency. We believe that these parties are able to show that supply chain equilibrium can be done and done well.

Equiply also seeks to improve supply chain equality by emphasizing the bettering of workers’ real wages, and avoiding excess goods production, where possible.

For industry players who desire to collaborate with Equiply but lack the means, Equiply can help them achieve an improved framework by providing access to technology that gives disclosure, such as built-in product enhancement and dedicated mobile apps.
In terms of bettering human resources investment, Equiply’s partners can offer consultation services on skills training programs for workers and fostering long-term staff well-being.

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We have raised public awareness through providing thought leadership and resource sharing.
Equiply is also open to guest-speaking opportunities and partnerships.



EQUIPLY is a member of the Sustainable Fashion Business Consortium (SFBC), a global platform for the continuous improvement of textile and apparel manufacturing process and procedures throughout the supply chain. For more details of SFBC, please visit: www.sfbc.org.hk