"Let your consumption make impact, one product at a time."

What is “Equiply”?
Equiply is a result of the words “equilibrium” and “supply chain”.

Equilibrium in Supply Chains
Enacting change through both consumers and manufacturers will create a meeting in the middle, a win-win solution within supply chains that exists at the point of equilibrium.

To consumers

We offer thought leadership and resource sharing as a way of encouraging best-practice sharing, disclosure and transparency.

Buyers can learn:

What they are buying into or promoting when making consumption choices

To query what kind of sellers they patronise

That they can ask to be informed by manufacturers (request for disclosure).

For manufacturers

We provide a direct connection to consumers, which is a clear demonstration of that manufacturer’s commitment to fairness and transparency.

 One of the ways we will present this direct-relationship ethos is a proprietary platform that enables buyers of a particular product to learn more about and connect with the item’s maker, thus paving the way for transparency. We hope to launch this project in the second half of 2020.

 For the actual makers of goods, Equiply seeks to improve supply chain equality by emphasizing the bettering of workers’ real wages and helping that to become a reality.