Once Upon A Food Supply Chain…

All around the world, the story is the same: Food is ready for harvest but there are no workers.

From Satara, western India to Florida, USA to France and Italy, COVID-19 has played havoc on the world’s food supply chains as millions of agricultural workers are kept in various stages of lockdown and farmers can’t get their produce to consumers. There is a shortage of truck drivers, a shortage of shipping containers, a shortage of hotels and restaurants to buy their usual amount of lettuce and blueberries.

In India, strawberries are now being fed to cows, while dumping trucks are unloading fresh grapes to rot onto compost heaps. In two weeks, the blueberry season will begin to peak in Spain.

And for us humans, being vegan in these times may just be a little more challenging than before!

About the Artist: Nutroduction

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