Fast Fashion Responsibly: The Online Shopping

With the COVID-19 still lurking around, almost everyone (that I know) have shifted their shopping experience from in-store to online, and honestly, I don’t blame them. But how do we shop online a bit more sustainably?

With heaps of trendy pieces and stylish couture just a few clicks away, online shopping has never been easier; even more so, popular! But let’s face it: The fashion industry is known to be the second most polluting industry on the planet.

Now I know what you’re thinking:

“Does this mean I have to start searching for other brands that provide eco-friendly made materials? If so, I feel bad… I’m only able to afford those from fast fashion stores. Does that make me ignorant of the environment?”

Well, let me tell you: It definitely does NOT make you ignorant of the environment. Indeed, the prices of sustainable clothes could be far too expensive for anyone’s budget. (Trust, I feel you) But don’t feel too bad about it! There are plenty of ways to still be fashionable AND sustainable. After all, the point of sustainable fashion is to protect the environment by all means necessary and this all starts from the decisions we make every day. If one particular means isn’t open to you, find another.

But HOW do we do it? Especially encountering every tempting couture just begging us to click and drag them to our check-out? Never fear! Your fashionista friend is here!

Step 1: Give Yourself a Budget

Easier said than done. If you think your parents are wrong to tell you how much you should not spend on something? Think again.

Every time you swipe, you happen to stumble upon an amazingly cute outfit. Knowing that you have enough in your bank account, you immediately take out your card and pay away. Trust me, I used to do that too and it’s because I had this tiny little voice telling me, “You still have $XXXX, you’re only spending a little bit of it! Besides, this outfit will look amazing on you!”

That voice is called “an excuse”. Do not let this little fashionista gremlin take over you. Instead, check how much money you’re earning monthly and how much you’re spending on other necessities. By doing so, you would be able to get a better scope of your expenses that would help you come up with a limited amount for you to spend. Not only that, with a limited amount to spend, this lessens the amount of clothing to buy!

Step 2: Check Your Wardrobe

Time to empty out your closets and categorize them! I know, it sounds like hard work, but trust me, it’s a huuuuge giveaway to how much clothes you really need. (Plus, it makes your wardrobe extra neat!)

Segregate your clothes accordingly, i.e. pants, skirts, trousers, workwear, etc. Stack them next to each other so that it looks like a ‘virtual bar chart’ on your bed. That way, you can compare the type of clothes you need and weigh it against those you already have. Now all you have to do, is cancel them out and make a list of all the necessary garments!  

[Extra Tip: Sell or donate your clothes to those who need them if you think you would not wear them anymore. That way, you are feeding two birds with one scone!]

Step 3: ALWAYS look at the sales section first!

Now that you know what you need and have envisioned what you are looking for, it’s time for the glorious moment: Shopping.


Before you start browsing through the latest collection and figuring out what’s ‘in vogue’, always check out the Sales section first! This helps you practice spending within your budget rather than cheating to go over it! You’ll never know, you could be lucky that the clothing you need actually falls to the sales catalogue! Otherwise, if it does not meet what you need and what you want, then by all means, check out the rest of the store! (Just make sure you stick to your budget!)

Happy shopping, my fellow fashionista friends!

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