EQUIPLY Guest Contributors – Welcome to the Community!

Hey hey my lovely sustainable community!

Welcome to the EQUIPLY Tribe!

If we are meeting for the first time, my name is Wendy, the co-founder of EQUIPLY and your host. I am so glad you have found our little piece of the internet utopia and interested to be one of our guest contributors. We welcome you with open arms – this is a safe & judgement free zone where you can share your views on sustainability or your sustainable journey. Before being our guest contributor, I would like you to read our guidelines.

Please submit one previous writing sample (related to sustainability, non-academic) to wendy_lam@equiply.org and make sure the topic falls under one of the following categories: living, education, recycling, health or business. If you can include the hashtag, that would be fantastic.

Ultimately, we want our contributors to write about the things they are most passionate about. Be creative about the topics you choose – just make sure they loosely fit under one of the above categories and align well with our mission.

After sending us your sample writing, we will further contact you and discuss the contributors’ package (including the price, words limit and other details). When choosing your topic or writing the blog, please keep in mind that our target audience is made up of Gen-Z and Millennials – ranging from casual observers to sustainability experts. Be conversational, and make sure your ideas are clearly presented, fact-based and accessible to a wide audience. Write to your friends rather than your professors.

If you are unsure about the topic or feel stuck and want some guidance, please let us know! We are happy to provide some suggestions on each category or potential ideas. We are committed to giving you the creative freedom to create the best content you can.

Thank you again for considering a contribution to our community. We at EQUIPLY, develop a sustainable lifestyle and pursue our sustainability dreams (make it comes true). We look forward to potentially working together with you, growing together and seeing what powerful ideas you would like to share with the world!

Writing Guidelines

Please note that EQUIPLY reserves the right to not publish an article if it violates our community guidelines, lacks quality or is misaligned with our mission. We will publish content with crediting the author, but some articles will be modified. Most contributors will have the opportunity to review the final draft before publication. All decisions are at the discretion of EQUIPLY.

Create a great title: A catchy title can quickly grab a reader’s attention. Most people browsing articles will decide within seconds whether or not to click on an article.

Be your unique self: Bring your unique voice and passion to our community. That means do not be afraid to write in a style that is sarcastic, funny or educational. Feel free to share your personal experiences. Remember that you are just like writing or talking to a friend or speaking in front of a group. People prefer to hear your real experience and personal views.

Choose reputable sources: When choosing to reference data, statistics or other information, please choose reputable sources or journals. We do request that a link to the data source be included in the content.

Plagiarized or published content: Any articles submitted to EQUIPLY miss be original content no shared anywhere else. No plagiarism! This also means articles submitted to our site have not been published or even submitted to other online publications, including the writer’s personal blog.

Write as concisely as you can: Reduce your word count without diminishing the quality of your writing as possible. We are not here to write a novel, we are here to quickly inform our readers.

Assume your readers have minimal understanding of many concepts in your articles: Assume your grandparents are reading your articles. Sometimes. You may need to quickly explain the terms/ vocabulary you use. Remember, make it easier to read and understand.