A Plastic-Free Christmas

Do you know that the Christmas market is originated in Germany? Now it is being held in many other countries and visiting the Christmas market has become one of the items in the to-do list at Christmas.

Today, I am going to share my experience visiting the Christmas Market in Edinburgh with you, so you may have some brief ideas of what to expect from Scotland in December.

I used to live and study in Edinburgh. I can still recall the excitement I had when I see a Christmas market for the very first time in 2015. I have to say, I was very impressed and excited even though a part of the market at that time was still under construction. And having been through 4 years of time, the stalls at that Christmas market now are still the same – selling all the usual wooden knick-knacks, candlesticks, and handmade products. Among all the goods, undoubtedly, mulled wine and hot chocolate are an inextricable part of Christmas market. Sellers would prepare and serve your mulled wine of choice from vats, pots or barrels, and usually in a plastic cup or paper cup for you to enjoy this lovely festival essential.

Christmas Market

Yes, we made plastics, and we ARE NOW DROWNING in them!

Don’t worry, this is not really a story of planet or plastic this time, but instead it is more like a pledge for myself hoping to reduce my consumption of disposable plastics. And of course, I hope you can do that together with me too!

Disposable plastics have been bringing us great convenience. Yet, they have also been contributing to a big part of the plastic waste, which is now seriously choking our oceans! Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying plastics are completely an enemy. But indeed, there is a lot of different ways can help cut down the plastic waste production and to alleviate the plastic waste problem we have been creating and aggravating.

Starting from NOW…

We may need to focus on phasing out the use of disposable plastics and raising the awareness of the impact of plastic pollution to the environment.

This year, I started bringing my own water bottle to everywhere anytime (even to the Christmas market). It may be a bit weird of filling my purchased drinks in my own bottle instead of using the disposable cup provided, but I find it quite satisfying counting the number of unnecessary plastics I’ve saved.

Why recycling is not the solution

Although recycling is one of the best waste management options, it is still not a solution. During recycling, the plastic waste would be made into a new plastic product, which means we are creating another plastic product. Also, such processes require lots of resources. If we really do want to live a sustainable lifestyle with putting off the fire we build from the plastic pollution problem, our actions to take are not only to recycle the plastics, but also to reuse and more importantly to reduce our plastic consumption.

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